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añcakarma therapies are used to cleanse or, detoxify the body by eliminating the dosas (i.e. the toxic body metabolites) through the natural orifices. It penetrates vital tissues of the body in order to uproot the source of aggravation and dislodge unwanted accumulations. The primary intension is to restore the body’s natural processes through the vital forces whose task it is to rid the body of its wastes. As treatment is of two types, according to Ayurveda,
a) Sodhana (Evacuatory or Bio-Purification)
b) Samana (Palliative or Rehabilitation)

Classical pañcakarma therapy comes under the Sodhana type, while Kerala pañcakarma therapy and other special therapies are classified under the Samana type. Thus pañcakarma covers a wide range in the world of health in Ayurveda.
These most effective therapies are considered as the axis, around which all ayurvedic-healing therapies revolve, by restoring complete health and more importantly, enables us to enjoy a sense of rebirth. So Pañcakarma is essential for preventing and curing diseases as well as for revitalizing and rejuvenate the entire human organism.
Thus, every human being must go through this process of detoxification and revitalization at least once a year to rejuvenate himself and maintain the optimum health throughout the year.

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For me the treatment was very good. I feel much more stronger than before.the medicine helped me for stomach and headache. Thank you so much.
Margit Praschberger
Buchenweg 29 ,5061 Elsbethen ,Salzburg, Austria

Thank you for your kind and professional treatment. It is pleasure to have you in Benaras. Most recommended. Dhanyabad.
Tamara Kupferztain
David Shub-15 ,Rosh Pinna, Israel
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