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Name Duration Therapies INR
Bio-Purification and Rejuvenation 30 Days Massage (Powder, Oil, Rice), Oil Bath, Classical Panchakarma, Sirodhara / Sirovasti 25,000
Natural Weight Reduction 30 Days Powder Massage, Sand Sudation, Vamana, Virechana, Vasti, Churna / Dhanyakizhi, Apatarpana 21,000
Mind and Body Refreshment 21 Days Powder, Oil Massage, Steam Bath, Vamana, Nasya, Vasti, Sirodhara, Oil Bath 18,000
Mind Care and Stress Relief 15 Days Head and Body Massage, Steam Bath, Nasya, Thalam / Pichu, Sirodhara / Sirovasti 13,000
Total Body Care 15 Days Powder, Oil Massage, Sand Sudation, Steam Bath, Elakizhi, Rice massage, Oil Bath 14,000
Back Bone Care 15 Days Podikizhi, Nadi Svedan, Upanaha, Oil Bath, Vasti , Spinal Bath, Kati-Greeva Vasti 15,000
Rejuvenation 10 Days Powder and Oil Massage, Steam Bath, Elakizhi, Rice massage/ Oil Bath, Nasya, Sirodhara 11,000
Relax & Revive 7 Days Powder and Oil Massage, Steam Bath, Elakizhi, Nasya, Siro Dhara 9,000
Refreshment 5 Days Powder, Oil Massage, Nasya, Sirodhara,       Steam Bath 7,000
Natural Care (Body) 90 Min. Oil Massage, Rice Massage, Steam Bath with Camphor, Cream/Powder apply 1,400
Natural Care (Face) 45 Min. Face Massage (Oil / Aloe), Rose Water Steaming Special Face Packing/ Rice Massage  550        
Relaxation 120 Min. Oil Massage, Sirodhara, Steam Bath 1,750
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