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Here we are using Ayurvedic medicines, which are pure and natural coming from Kerala based reliable Ayurvedic pharmacies. We often prepare some medicines according to the necessity.

For therapies like vamana, vasti, kasaya dhara, takradhara, njavarakizhi etc the medicines are prepared here just before 1 hour. The fresh herbs for elakizhi, steam bath etc.are collected from nearby rural areas under the guidance of our exports.
We are mostly using the classical Ayurvedic medicines, which were used by great Ayurvedic sages in ancient times and described in the classical texts. We are mainly follows the texts like Carak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Astanga Hridayam, Sharngadhar Samhita, Sahasrayogam, Vaisajya ratnavali etc for preparing and prescribing medicines.

All the classical medicines are available here. We have also prepared our own

> Sparsa Chyavanaprasham (an Ayurvedic rejuvenative tonic)
> Sparsa Tailam (special massage oil)
> Sparsa Dhara Tailam (special oil for oilbath)
> Sparsa Mukhalepam (a face pack) etc.
> You can place an order for the above medicines [Order Now]

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For me the treatment was very good. I feel much more stronger than before.the medicine helped me for stomach and headache. Thank you so much.
Margit Praschberger
Buchenweg 29 ,5061 Elsbethen ,Salzburg, Austria

Thank you for your kind and professional treatment. It is pleasure to have you in Benaras. Most recommended. Dhanyabad.
Tamara Kupferztain
David Shub-15 ,Rosh Pinna, Israel
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Assi,Varanasi,PIN-221005 U.P., INDIA.
Email : contact@sparsa.co.in
Tel : +91 - 542-2313213

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